Tell me your Story,
I’ll tell you where to start.

Create a Brand

Ready to start your business, or need your own brand. We can work together to set up a brand identity and make it yours.

Develop a Business

You already have a business and thinking about a new collection or line of product to develop your brand.
I can help you build it.

Update an Identity

You have your business but can’t reach your audience. Let’s talk and figure what is not working out with your actual communication.

I need advice!

You don’t know where to start. Graphic Design, UI/X, Social Media, Audience & Target? Let’s figure this out together.

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Free Brand Identity Checklist.

Brand identity is the elements of a brand, such as vision, missions, colour, design, and logo, that identify the brand that accounts for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. I create the Brand Identity Checklist to help you to start or develop a strong brand identity!

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Breakdown list of Design Services.

Brand Identity

This encompasses building Brand identity, and creating specific design elements which a company requires to position the brand image in the consumers mind.

Marketing / Advertising

Businesses depend on successful marketing and advertising strategies to create brand recall. Effective marketing helps create positive visibility and demand for your products.

Interface Design (UI/UX)

UI design is the process of creating simple and intuitive user friendly interfaces. UX determines how the app works for the final user experience.

Publication Design

Publication design generally comes in the form of Print design for books and magazines. It is important to understand the essentials of the printing process and color management.

Packaging Design

Packaging design encompasses photography, visual identity, functionality and more. It is a valuable tool that communicates value directly to the consumer.

Environment Design

Environmental design visually connects people to places, from large retailers to small start-ups. It makes it easier to navigate and creates an immersive experience.

Motion Design

Motion design refers to visual graphics that are in motion. It is found on all digital platforms. We work closely with a french Motion Designer.

Illustration Design

Illustrators are Artists. They create original artwork for commercial use, on T-shirt, book covers, merchandise and more. We work closely with a French Illustrator.